•    Protect all your grass pieces and eliminate all opposing grass pieces
•    If all of your herbivore pieces are eliminated, then you must eliminate all of your opponent’s remaining animal pieces, which include all pieces except for the boulder and grass pieces

•    Two player game
•    To begin the game both players roll a die to determine who goes first

•    Each player is assigned a color, either yellow or red, based on the following procedures

•    Start the game with all the backs of the pieces facing up

•    Mix and randomly distribute the pieces onto each spot on the game board except for the four safety spots (emphasized in black,) and 4 random spots of each players’ choosing

•    A safety spot protects you from any attack, and you can remain in the spot for as long as necessary

•    Players will start flipping over pieces; each flip is equivalent to a turn

•    The first player to flip over a grass piece will automatically obtain the color that is in the background of the piece. The other player will then have the remaining color

•    Once a color is declared, you can use your turn to either flip a different piece that has yet to be flipped or you can move your already flipped pieces

•    Upon flipping each piece there will be two numbers: an attack number and a defense number

•    The number on the left is the animal’s attack and the number on the right is the animal’s defense

•    Once you have pieces that are flipped, you can begin attacking

•    In order to attack, you must land on your opponent’s piece

•    All animals can only move horizontally or vertically in one direction, unless otherwise stated (i.e. Python’s ability to move diagonally)

•    Movements are allowed only if the numbers of spaces permit it, unless otherwise stated (i.e. Leopard’s ability to jump)

•    You must then use your animal’s attack number against your opponent’s animal’s defense number under all circumstances

•    The only way to win a battle is by having your attack number exceed the opponent’s defense number. If the attack number is equal to the opponent’s defense number, then both players will roll a die and the highest roll wins.  If the attacker wins, then the targeted piece is eliminated.  If the attacker loses the roll, then the opponent’s targeted piece survives.
•    Under certain circumstances, if your piece is attacked by a special piece then your piece will become permanently injured according to the special piece’s designated ability (i.e. Porcupine’s ability to lower animal’s defense, Cobra’s ability to poison)
•    Injury is recognized by placing a sticker provided in the game box onto the targeted pieces

•    When an attacker uses poison, the opponent has 3 chances to roll an even number; otherwise the targeted piece is eliminated

•    You can only use your animal’s special abilities during the attacking process